Two Idiots ‘Surfing’ On A Turtle May Get What They Deserve

A Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service’s spokesperson confirmed an investigation launched into this selfish, deadly act.

Two mindless men thought that it was a good idea to surf on the back of a turtle and take a picture with it. Facebook use Ricky Roger posted a picture showing him and another man on top of a sea turtle on a beach, captioning it, “Surfed a tortoise on zee weekend.. gnarly duddddeeeee.” 

The picture was geotagged with Fraiser Island, Australia.

Within no time the picture went viral, after amateur wildlife photographer shared it on his Facebook. People were immediately outraged at the savage behavior of these two men.  

Rick Rogers has limited the access to his Facebook account since then but active social media users had already taken screen shots of his cruel picture.


Another picture of the motionless turtle with its head resting in the sand had "RIP" written in nearby.

A Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service’s Spokesperson confirmed that the matter is being investigated.

“There is some evidence to suggest that this turtle was deceased at the time of the photo,” said the spokesperson.

“QPWS are taking this matter seriously and investigating further. The maximum penalty for interfering with a natural resource is $19,965,” the spokesperson added. 

Michael Beatty, spokesman for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Queensland, criticized the men: "These guys are just complete idiots — there’s no way they should be doing what they were doing.”

"Per usual, they've been idiots and posted it on Facebook...(and) hopefully people on Facebook will let them know what idiots they were," he added.

While Beatty said it is not illegal to approach turtles, the actions of the two men could have seriously harmed the animal.

"I hope they get their comeuppance on social media," he said.

Infuriated nature lovers want these two cruel men fined.





Queensland National Parks thanked everyone for showing concern and said that the matter has been reported to the rangers.

Harming marine life is becoming a common practice for people, sadly. Earlier this year a beachgoer in Florida killed a shark by dragging it out of water by its tail for a photograph. This miserable act was followed by a group of Chinese tourists who took out star fishes and corals from water to take pictures.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters 

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