Two Parents Were Caught Trying to Kidnap Their Own Baby

The parents of an 8-month-old infant were captured after stealing their child from social services in North Carolina and taking him across state lines.


Two parents were taken into custody after kidnapping their own 8-month-old baby from social services.

An Amber Alert was issued for baby John Eastlack after the Randolph County Department of Social Services in North Carolina reported him missing last week.

The alert indicated that he had been taken by his parents, Penny Dianne Worthy and Chad Douglas Eastlack. The couple took their son without permission and drove him 2,000 miles across the United States in a stolen minivan, according to Sky News.

While it is unclear why the baby was in social services' custody, it is likely safe to surmise that the parents didn’t give him up willingly — considering the great lengths they went to try to get him back.

Despite their desperate attempt, they must have known that being the child’s biological parents does not give them a free kidnapping pass.

The baby was found unharmed in Missoula, Montana at a hotel with the culprits after a local police officer spotted the stolen van in the parking lot.

In addition to the kidnapping, the child’s father was also wanted for stealing the vehicle and a firearm. Once located, he was immediately taken into custody to face the steep charges against him.

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office released a statement that read, “The child is in good health and has been turned over to the local social services agency in Missoula."

Luckily, the child is safe and back in good hands. Although no one wants to see a child end up in the system, he is probably better off. 

The reckless and dangerous behavior his parents displayed with this rogue kidnapping is a major clue as to why he was taken from them in the first place. 

Banner Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Flickr user Robert Valencia

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