Two Pokemon Go Players Hopped A Zoo Fence To Catch 'Em All

Two people from Ohio were arrested for trespassing after jumping over a fence at the Toledo Zoo while playing the popular "Pokémon Go" game.

Apparently, trying to “catch them all” has no boundaries for two "Pokémon Go" players in Ohio.

Robin Bartholomy and Adrian Crawford were attempting to fill up their Pokédex when they decided to jump over a Toledo Zoo fence, illegally trespassing on the property, UPI reported.

The duo was found near the tiger exhibit and were both caught by the zoo’s security camera at 2:30 a.m.

According to Mashable, Bartholomy foreshadowed her arrest days before the incident by posting, “I am not above breaking and entering for a Pokémon.”

After her arrest, Bartholomy told The Blade, “It’s wasn’t the most responsible thing to do, but hey, gotta catch em’ all.”

The Toledo Zoo is a popular location for Pokéstops, but the staff only wants gamers to play in the zoo safely. 

“We always encourage guests to visit the zoo, but we ask that they follow safety precautions already set out and not to enter restricted areas,” Shayla Bell Moriarty, director of communications at the zoo, said.  

The pair is now prohibited from the zoo. They were taken to the Lucas County jail, until they were later released.

If playing "Pokémon Go" brings people joy and connects people together, that’s fine, there just need to be limitations to going above and beyond to catch the digital creatures. 

Banner Image Credit: Eugene Kim, Flickr/Creative Commons

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