Two Sri Lankan Schoolgirls Girls Drown While Taking Selfies In Oman

Unfortunately, “death by selfie” has become a real phenomenon. More people died last year from taking selfies than from shark attacks.

Two Sri Lankan schoolgirls went on a picnic with their families where they drowned while taking a selfie next to a spring.

The girls, identified as Ruwanee Delsara Herath Samaraweera and Zainab, were visiting Ain Garziz freshwater spring, a popular picnic spot close to Salalah, the capital city of southern Oman's Dhofar province.

“They went towards the spring, slipped while taking a selfie and fell into it. Initially one girl slipped and in a bid to save herself, she caught the hands of the other and both fell down in the deep water. They were pulled out after a long struggle, rushed to the Sultan Qaboos Hospital where they were declared brought dead,” Times of Oman reported, citing sources.

Unfortunately, “death by selfies” has become a real phenomenon. According to stats recorded last year, more people died last year from taking selfies than from shark attacks.

In fact, fatal accidents caused due to people distracted by taking photos became so common in Russia that their law-enforcement launched a campaign last year, urging people to take precautionary measures while clicking self-portraits with their smartphones.

It’s been worse for India where authorities in the city of Mumbai had to impose no-selfie zones in February, to discourage people from the activity.

In January, it was reported that India is a world leader in horrific incidents involving selfies.

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