Girls Set On Fire In The Middle Of A School Play

Before the stage caught fire, the teacher had reportedly instructed students to make the play look as real as possible.

Teenage Students Set On Fire

A school play went horribly, disastrously wrong in Izucar de Matamoros, central Mexico, after a student set two of her castmates on fire in front of parents and other audience members.

The disturbing incident took place after the teacher directing the play reportedly told students that the play should look as realistic as possible, according to The Mirror.

Although it’s unclear if the teacher had explicitly instructed girls to be set on fire or if there was some sort of a safety plan that did not work, one thing is certain: It was an irresponsible and utterly dangerous stunt — especially when there were teenagers involved.

The video of the incident, captured by an audience member, shows a student walking toward the large cardboard box in the middle of the stage. She can be heard saying "...and with no more lies," before throwing what appears to be a burning candle towards the prop.

The box catches on fire immediately and two students, hiding inside, suddenly jump up with their hair and clothes ablaze.

The teens, named only as 16-year-old Veronica and 17-year-old Athziri, were transported to a nearby hospital. Veronica was released shortly but Athziri is still being treated for second-degree burns. The school’s insurance company declined to pay for their treatment, arguing the fire was not accidental and thus did not come under the policy.

However, prompted by the girls’ families, the school administration terminated the teacher.

“The teacher responsible for the class has been removed from the institution, after an investigation uncovered an omission on his part during the planning of the activity,” the school said in a statement.

This is not the first time a school play has ended up in a cringeworthy disaster. Just recently, a teenage production of “Sweeney Todd” at a New Zealand high school turned unexpectedly frightening as two students involved in the production had their throats cut with real razors during the musical.

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