TX Supreme Court: If Awaiting Rapture, You Can Not Educate Your Kids

The Texas Supreme Court ruled in favor of parents who claimed that they had the freedom to not educate their children because they were waiting to be raptured.

The Texas Supreme Court has ruled in some questionable decisions, but this latest may take the cake—on Tuesday, the court decided that parents were not required to provide evidence of educating their children.

According to KFOR, Laura and Michael McIntyre decided to homeschool their nine children in El Paso, Texas, but a relative became concerned when he saw no evidence of actual education occurring in the home.

He allegedly heard in the McIntyre home that, “learning wasn’t necessary because ‘they were going to be raptured.’”

When the El Paso school district became involved and attempted to ask the parents for proof of education, the McIntyres sued, claiming that this move by the school district was in violation of their 14th amendment rights.

The 14th amendment guarantees equal protection under law and was created in response to the civil rights movement, so it seems odd to argue that it protects your right to not educate your child; however, the Texas Supreme Court did not see it this way.

The court ruled 6-3 in favor of the parents, arguing that school officials violated the 14th amendment by trying to “verify that [the McIntyre] children were learning.”

According to Raw Story, Texas actually does not mandate that home-schooled children abide by state curriculums, so it appears that in this particular state, refusing to educate your children because you believe the rapture is coming is a legitimate position to take.

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