Racist Firefighter Says He’d Rescue A Dog Before Saving A Black Person

“I’m disgusted in what he said. There is no reason for him to say that anytime, anywhere…That should never be said.”



An Ohio fire department volunteer firefighter made an extremely racist comment on Facebook, in which he said saving a dog was “more important” than a million black people.

Tyler Roysdon, 20, worked as a volunteer at the Franklin Township fire department. He wrote on Facebook that in a situation where he has to choose between saving a dog or a black man from a burning building, he would choose to save a dog rather than an African American because “one dog is more important than a million n******.”

After Township officials got to know about the racist comments, Roysdon was suspended from his position for an indefinite period. Officials further said his behavior was “unacceptable.”

“Fire Chief Steve Bishop immediately contacted the firefighter and directed the comments be removed. The firefighter was suspended without pay until the Board of Township Trustees could meet to determine a course of action.  Chief Bishop does not have the authority to terminate employees.  Termination of any township employee requires a vote by the Board of Trustees,” said Township Administrator Traci Stivers in a statement.

Roysdon will now face a disciplinary hearing before the Board of Trustees. The board will vote on his future at the fire department on Sept. 27.

“[Roysdon] blatantly said on social media that he wouldn’t do that. Even if you take race out of it, it still would be wrong. I’m disgusted in what he said. There is no reason for him to say that anytime, anywhere…That should never be said,” said Brian Morris, board’s president.

He further added, “I want people to realize this is only one man’s comment. We have a great group of men (firefighters) and disgusting comments from one individual does not represent the entire fire department.”

However, Roysdon’s wife, Joei Frame Roysdon, defended her husband.

“Everyone deserves a second chance and is also entitled to their own opinion,” she said.

However, she added Roysdon realized the comments were inappropriate.


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