Briton Held In UAE After 'Brushing Past' Woman In Lift Who Later Died

While exiting an elevator, the tourist reportedly walked quickly past an elderly woman, who then collapsed and died of a cardiac arrest.

In what can be described as a mind-boggling incident, a British woman is being held in the United Arab Emirates after she reportedly "brushed past" a woman, who later died.

The Briton, a 32-year-old tourist, brushed against the shoulder of the 60-year-old woman while exiting an elevator in a hotel in Sharjah, a small city north of Dubai.

A few moments later, the elderly woman died of a cardiac arrest.

In what Gulf News referred to as "a strange set of circumstances" in its report, the local police questioned the tourist because the deceased woman's family is blaming her for the death of their mother.

The police also reviewed surveillance footage from inside the elevator and found the foreigner "slightly touching" the elderly woman.

The British woman hasn't been arrested but she has been asked not to leave the country as long as the case is still under investigation.

The identities of the individuals involved in the incident have not been revealed but the 60-year-old woman was reportedly a German citizen of "Arab origin."

The strange incident comes nearly four months after a Scottish tourist was arrested in Dubai for putting his hand on a man in a bar so as to avoid spilling his drinks.

Despite the oil-rich Gulf country being home to some of the most-visited vacation spots, it appears the UAE is increasingly becoming a risky vacation destination, especially for those hailing from the West. Even some of the most innocuous gestures and/or actions, such as kissing your girlfriend at a mall, placing a hand on a person to avoid spillage or smoking marijuana before entering the UAE, can get a person arrested.

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