Men Harass Woman Driving To Saudi Arabia, Nearly Causing An Accident

Emirati social media celebrity Kshooonh drover from the United Arab Emirates to Saudi Arabia to celebrate the lifting of the driving ban on women drivers.


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On June 24, thousands of women in Saudi Arabia took the wheel, for the first time in decades, after the government finally lifted its controversial ban on female drivers.

In order to celebrate the historic change, several women from neighboring Arab nations also joined in by taking celebratory road trips to the kingdom.

Emirati social media celebrity Kshooonh was one of them.

She had been driving from all the way to the United Arab Emirates and documenting her trip on Snapchat when, suddenly, at the governorate of Al-Kharj in Saudi Arabia, a group of men started following her in their car, according to Okaz newspaper.

In a video clip, shared by Twitter user Wael al-Qasim, men can be seen chasing Kshooonh's car, honking at her and even calling out her name.

When someone tries to overtake her, Kshooonh speeds up and gets away from them.

"One of the first videos capturing a female driver being harassed and those chasing her nearly caused an accident," al-Qasim writes in the caption, according to the translation provided by StepFeed. "We hope that authorities will be quick to stop these harassers. The anti-sexual harassment law passed right before the ban lift on women driving took effect, we saw that as a good sign. But letting this incident pass without strict punishment will open doors for more harassment."

On May 30, just days before the lifting of the driving ban on women drivers, Saudi Arabia passed a draft law, approving measures to outlaw sexual harassment. Those who commit the crime of harassment can face up to two years in prison or a fine worth $26,600 or both. If the crime is repeated, the prison sentence can be extended to five years while the fine can be increased to $80,000.

Al-Qasim's video clip prompted a lot of reaction. Some even blamed Kshooonh for the harassment as she was, it is believed, driving alone, without a male chaperon. In Saudi Arabia, despite all the recent progress with regards to women's rights, women are still subject to the controversial male guardianship system.

But generally, people called for the punishment of those who harassed the social media star.

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