Uber Driver Called N-Word For Kicking Out 'White Privilege' Bro

As a black Uber driver politely asked a group of privileged, loud, and arrogant kids to get out of the car, racism is what he got for an answer.

The Uber logo on an iPad.

A black Uber driver has become a real world hero for putting a group of arrogant and prejudiced young white people in their place.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, the Uber driver is seen patiently waiting for the passengers to climb into his vehicle. During the ride, one of the passengers boasts about “white privilege.” A woman carrying a beer bottle struggles in the back and ends up knocking open a video screen on the Uber driver’s car’s ceiling, Raw Story reports.

After a brief conversation with the front passenger, the driver, who seems to be feeling uncomfortable with the group’s demeanor, asks the passenger if there’s anything wrong with him since he’s “sweating like crazy.” He also tells the man to buckle his seat belt.

But the passenger then begins to touch the driver’s belongings, which prompts the driver to ask him to stop. The man responds to the driver unintelligibly, and the driver then pulls over and asks the entire group to get out.

The passenger, who seemed somewhat aggressive from the beginning of the video then tells the driver he’s a “f***ing joke,” to which the driver responds, “No, I’m, not. White privilege, leave.”

The passenger then replies with the n-word: “You’re a f***ing — f***ing b**** a** n*****.”

The driver then leaves the car and waits for them to exit.

Outside of the vehicle, another argument is carried out, but due to lack of audio from the in-car camera, we can’t quite hear what happens. However, it is clear that one of the passengers, identified only as Rebecca, tells the driver she isn’t racist, to which the driver then says, “If you’re not about that, you need to stay away from people like that.”

It’s not clear if the driver reported the incident to Uber or if anything has been done to punish the passengers for their behavior. Still, it’s important that these cases are thoroughly documented, especially in a time where racism and prejudice are becoming more apparent due to Donald Trump's presidency.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

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