Racist Uber Driver Yells 'Go Back To Mexico’ At NC Couple

“Well, Mexicans are coming over here and stealing all of our jobs,” said an Uber driver after allegedly kicking out a North Carolina couple from the car.

In President Donald Trump’s America, reports of notorious bigots harassing people keep coming to light almost every day – but are nevertheless sickening.

In yet another overtly racist incident to make it to the news, an Uber driver reportedly kicked out a North Carolina couple from the cab and hurled xenophobic insults at them.

Acacia Sammonsof Union County, after celebrating her birthday on the weekend with her husband, decided to book an Uber ride back home.

“Talking about tariffs and trades and then [Trump] got brought up and we started talking about how great he is,” Sammons told WCNC about the conversation they had with the ride-sharing driver.

But soon enough, the casual exchange of remarks between the driver and the couple took an ugly turn.

“Then that turned into, ‘well, Mexicans are coming over here and stealing all of our jobs.’ And so, me and my husband both said ‘whoa!'” said Sammons.

After that the driver allegedly kicked them out of the car, but it was what happened next that infuriated Sammons the most.

"At that point, he rolled down his window and yelled 'Go back to Mexico, where you came from!'" she said. "It hurt and then hurt turns to anger."

The couple soon filed a complaint under the title "My Driver was Rude," but it was far from explaining what the duo actually felt after such an unprovoked attack.

The ride-hailing company took notice of the matter and sent a statement in response:

"Uber does not tolerate any form of discrimination, and we have been in touch with the riders regarding their experience,” it said. “We are investigating and will take appropriate action."

Nevertheless, the company lost a customer because Sammons vowed to never use the service again.

"I will never use Uber again," Sammons said. "We'll use other companies or we'll just use a good ol' fashion cab before we use Uber again."

Moreover, according to the Rawstory, a 2016 study revealed Uber in particular was plagued with discriminatory practices, with African-American riders waiting comparatively longer and experiencing cancellations far more than white users.

With the POTUS repeatedly calling Mexicans “rapists,” criminals, “professional mountain climber” and what not – it is hardly surprising that entitled bigots under his presidency have surged, who no longer hesitate from spewing threats at immigrants without worrying about the consequences.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, Robert Galbraith

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