Uber Driver Allegedly Tried To Take Woman To Hotel Instead Of Airport

“Hey @Uber I really need you to understand how terrifying this was. I was about 10 seconds from putting my foot through the back passenger window.”


A woman in Denver, Colorado booked an Uber ride to go to Denver International Airport. Little did she know that the ride would turn out to be a terrifying one.

Nancy Leong, a law professor at the University of Denver, was in an Uber car on a highway leading to the Denver International airport when the driver reportedly said he would take her to a hotel instead and pulled off the highway.

She added the statement left her terrified. The woman asked the driver to stop the car but he didn’t unlock the doors. Leong highlighted the incident in a series of tweets.

“Hey @Uber your driver was taking me to the airport. He said he was going to ‘take me to a hotel’ and got off the highway. We got to a stop light. I started yelling ‘let me out of the f—ing car’ and he wouldn’t unlock the doors,” she wrote on Twitter.

Leong further said she was so frightened that she began banging on the car’s window but even that didn’t help. Luckily, at a traffic stop few construction workers came in sight. The woman started banging the windows even harder so the workers take notice. That is when the driver finally stopped the car and let her out of the vehicle.

“Then he got out of the car and started coming toward me. Remember we are at a stop light at the bottom of a highway off ramp. There’s nothing around. Thank god there were construction workers there,” the woman added.

Leong added she called another Uber ride because she had to get to the airport in time.

She also said she feels really uncomfortable with the fact that the person has her home address and asked Uber to take necessary action.

Uber issued a standard statement on the incident.

“Hi, Nancy. Our team will be reaching out to you personally. We greatly appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this matter. Rest assured, we take this matter seriously,” read the statement.

A company spokesman further told The New York Post, “What Nancy described is awful and unacceptable. This driver has been blocked from the app and we are investigating.”

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