Passenger Calls Uber Driver ‘N*****’ – Threatens To Accuse Him Of Rape

“Go back to your country. Donald Trump will send you and your family back. F**** out of my country,” yelled the bizarre woman.

Yet another disturbing online video shows the aftermath of Trump’s election, which is full of xenophobia and racism.

A woman was taking a ride in an Uber and apparently got in an argument with the driver. She threw a fit and refused to get off the car when the driver asks her to. Instead, she tries to threaten him that she will call the cops and accuse the driver of rape if he doesn’t continue driving.

It appears that the woman wanted a charger, but the driver didn’t have one. For that reason alone, the woman became enraged, and insisted that he was lying. In the 8 minutes footage, recorded by the driver, the woman can be seen continuously yelling and disrespecting him.

When the driver snapped back and told her to get off the car, she repeatedly asked him to call the cops.

 “Call the cops, ni****,” she shouted.

 “You want to disrespect me, you get off,” said the driver.

“This is the train station, thank you, get off.”

But the racist woman doesn’t get off the car and even told the driver that she’d spit in his face. She kept sitting in the car and continued her verbal abuse on the driver. The unidentified woman then threatened him that she would call the cops and tell them the driver hit her in the face so he would go to jail.

“I will start kicking the seats if you don’t call the cops” she yelled. And then proceeds to hit the car from left to right while she changed her demand from calling the cops to calling her man. “Call him,” she screamed.

“I will tell him you are not taking me and leaving me at the train. My phone died”

“That’s not my problem,” responded the driver. “I was taking you to your destination till you started talking sh**.”

The woman then hit the drivers arm, but soon realizes that this entire drama was being recorded. She then started to pretend like the driver assaulted her, although the situation was just the opposite.

“I am just going to open the window and tell everybody that you raping me that you tried touching me. You tired to touch my vagina, you dirt back” she threatened the driver.

“I am married, I don’t do that s***, I am married and I am a lawyer’s husband,” said the driver.

Later in the video she told the driver to leave Trump’s America.

“Go back to your country. Donald Trump will send you and your family back. F**** out of my country.”

She ultimately gets off the car after failing to intimidate the driver.

The identity of the woman has not been confirmed nor the fact if the Uber driver decided to press charges against her.

Such incidents are not new in Trump’s America but are disturbing to say the least. It’s extremely sad how racist people feel emboldened to treat others with hate now that Trump is president.

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