Germany Deports Uighur Man To China. He Could Be In A Gulag-Like Camp

“In all likelihood, he’s now in camp. An admin error cost him his life,” said Pete Irwin, a Munich-based researcher for World Uyghur Congress.



A Uighur man was deported from Germany to China as a result of an error and now his lawyer fears that he has been arrested.

In April, the unnamed 22-year-old man from China’s persecuted minority was accidently deported due to an administrative error. Now, in wake of the mass detention drive of Uighurs in China, his lawyer, Leo Borgmann, said he hasn’t heard from him since he arrived in Beijing.

“There is no sign of life. We fear that he has been detained,” he said.

The 22-year-old was in the German state of Bavaria. On April 3, the immigration office in Munich was due to hold a hearing regarding the man’s asylum application. However, due to an error, the fax announcing the hearing didn’t reach the local authorities in the German state.

“We were unable to find the fax despite an intensive search. We regret greatly that the deportation took place even though a valid asylum application had been made. It was never the intention of the immigration authorities of Munich to infringe on the rights of the foreigner affected by the expulsion,” authorities said in a statement.

Authorities then boarded the man on a plane to Beijing. The Uighur man came to Germany in 2013 via Turkey and applied for asylum in the same year.

“In all likelihood, he’s now in camp. An admin error cost him his life,” said Pete Irwin, a Munich-based researcher for World Uyghur Congress.

A number of people were deported from Germany as a result of the clerical errors.

An Afghan man, identified only as Nasibullah S., was one of the 69 people who were deported to Afghanistan after a communication error. However, he is now returning to the European country with the aid of the German Foreign Office.

China’s been attempting to ban Islam and while doing so hundreds of thousands of Uighur Muslims living in the country’s Muslim-dominated Xinjiang province are reportedly being detained in the so-called “re-education” camps that are frighteningly similar to the labor camps run by the brutal North Korean regime.

As a result, people are fleeing the country and are seeking for asylum for a better, free and safe future.

The purpose of these concentration camps goes far beyond disciplining the citizens for practicing their religion. They are not just designed to torture but to destroy all remnants of the Muslim culture and convert Uighurs to Atheism. The prisoners are also forced to eat pork and drink alcohol, both of which are forbidden in Islam, as punishment for being “religious extremists.”

Apart from forcing them into concentration camps, outlawing Muslim sounding names and forbidding them from growing beards, Chinese government is also reportedly chaining their kitchen utensils to prevent an act of “terrorism.”


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