UK Police Filmed Putting Muzzle-Like Mask On Black Man’s Head

Footage showing British Transport Police pinning a black man to the ground and placing a mask on his head went viral after a witness posted it on Facebook.

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A bystander said she felt it was her “moral obligation” to share the video she recorded of police brutality against a black man at a London train station.

Ik Aihie, 20, was arrested at the London Bridge station after having an argument with his girlfriend and allegedly becoming “aggressive” with officers who intervened in the dispute.

In a video uploaded to Facebook by witness Ayda Mosharraf, Aihie can be heard shouting, “It hurts! It hurts!” as officers pinned him to the ground and held his neck down.

WARNING: Video contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some viewers. 

His girlfriend, Jessica McConkey, was outraged by the way her partner was being treated. She was trying to stick up for him by explaining to the officers that they simply had an argument and nothing more.

She started asking passersby to film what was going on, “He’s a young black boy, he’s had an argument with his girlfriend, that’s it!” she exclaimed.

“You have an argument with your girlfriend and that happens,” she added.

At one point, the officers started putting a mask over Aihie’s head, which sparked outrage among bystanders who were asking, “What the hell are you putting on his head?”

According to Metro, the police claim that he was threatening to spit on them so they placed a “spit guard” on his head, but it looked more like some kind of torturous human muzzle.

Mosharaff’s video quickly went viral with nearly 8,000 shares. A few days after the incident, she shared another, clearer video taken from a different angle.

WARNING: Video contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some viewers. 

“The treatment by these policemen was shocking for me to see. That’s why I had to share this for people to see the 'need' for such heavy police force for taking down a 150 pound young man,” Mosharaff wrote.

Aihie’s girlfriend has since spoken out about the ordeal:

“Both IK and I are law-abiding citizens and have the utmost respect for the police force and the work they do. However, in this instance we were treated unfairly and the use of force during IK’s arrest was excessive and unwarranted and I have made a complaint to the British Transport police.”

The BTP has issued a statement acknowledging that they are aware of the situation and are investigating the complaint of excessive force.

As for Aihie, he reportedly said he’s been left “bruised and shaken” and found the whole experience “completely terrifying.”

Police brutality around the world has been under a microscope as the United States has been dealing with countless civilian deaths at the hands of law enforcement, particularly among minorities.

These incidents have made international headlines and have sparked outrage throughout the nation and abroad. This U.K. incident serves as a reminder that this problem goes beyond America — black lives don’t just matter in the U.S., they matter everywhere. 

Banner Photo Credit: Video Screenshot: Facebook user, Ayda Mosharaf

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