Far-Right Lawyer Arrested For Filing False Police Report On Stolen Gun

The lawyer said a thief had broken into his truck with a brick and stolen his guns. However, the police discovered the brick matched the ones in his own fire pit.



A lawyer of an ultranationalist Group, Proud Boys, was arrested for allegedly reporting a fake gun theft from his car.

On Sept. 13, Jason Lee Van Dyke called 911 and reported a burglary, according to the police. The lawyer claimed someone knocked out a window of his truck and stole three guns, a backpack and his roommate’s camera equipment. When Van Dyke came out brandishing a gun from inside the house, the thief escaped, stated an arrest affidavit, reported The Daily Beast.

When the police arrived, they saw the damaged truck and that a rear window was partially opened and some of the doors of the vehicle unlocked.

However, when the roommate, who has only been identified as Isaac, was questioned, he gave a different account. He said Van Dyke’s guns and his camera equipment went missing, but not at the time Van Dyke had told the police. Instead, Isaac said, the lawyer had been complaining about the missing things earlier in the day and they had both searched the house and car, but found nothing.

Later, Van Dyke called the police and apparently lied about a thief getting away with his things. Police also discovered the brick used to bash the truck was identical to the ones found in Van Dyke’s own backyard fire pit.

Van Dyke was arrested for filing a false police report and paid $1,000 bail to leave jail that night. The man has denied the allegations and said he will soon be exonerated.

However, his denial shouldn’t hold water considering this isn’t the first time he has lied about being framed.

Legal blog, Popehat, claimed that Van Dyke wrote several messages on the neo-Nazi forum, Stormfront, using the account name “WNLaw” (short for White Nationalist Law) in April. When questioned, Van Dyke told the Daily Beast Stormfront was “despicable” and they were not his posts. In fact, he even suggested the messages were a result of “an identity theft problem back in 2014, which appears to be when a lot of these things were posted … as far as I know, someone created it to discredit me.”

In 2000, Van Dyke was arrested for domestic violence, firearm safety violation and possession of banned weapon, charges which were later dismissed. He was also expelled from the Michigan State University during that time when campus police discovered “extremist literature, including the race war fantasy novel The Turner Diaries and the anti-Semitic Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” in his dorm.

In 2014, he sent a picture of a noose to an internet user and said he looked good and hard at this picture, “you fucking n****r. It’s where I am going to put your neck.”

In 2017, when Popehat wrote a blog about him, Van Dyke threatened writer Ken White that he would make him “so miserable and treat you with such extreme and unprecedented cruelty that you’ll either kill yourself or move yourself and your family to the most remote part of the world you can afford to escape my wrath.”

And earlier this year, Van Dyke filed a $100 million lawsuit against a far-right internet user for costing him a job as a felony prosecutor in a Texas district attorney’s office.

In summer, the Texas Bar association registry showed Van Dyke as a retired lawyer. However, Van Dyke said that was not completely true.

“I am still representing the Proud Boys,” he said. “My status on the State Bar website is designed to reflect the fact that, although I am still licensed to practice law for the time being, I am no longer practicing law as my full time occupation and I am not currently accepting any new clients.”

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