Jason Kessler Gets Scolded By His Dad During Alt-Right Livestream

The organizer of the Unite the Right rallies was yelled at by his father while participating in a livestream and is now being ridiculed online.

We’re not sure what is more pathetic, the fact that 34-year-old Unite the Right rally organizer Jason Kessler lives at his parents’ home or that a video of him chatting with a fellow white nationalist was interrupted by his father, who told him to get out of his bedroom.

Kessler was in the middle of a livestream with anti-Semitic Patrick Little while discussing former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, when Eric Kessler, 58, yelled, “Hey, you get out of my room!”

Explaining he was having an “issue,” the flustered Kessler was then asked by Little if he was being harassed by a drunk roommate, to which the white nationalist replied, “Something like that.”

Kessler eventually came clean, admitting he still lives with mom and dad. Even then, he used his parents to make a racist comment.

“Basically, the deal is my family watches American History Channel [sic] and its constant anti-German propaganda...I’m stuck in a situation where I have to stay with my family because I’m paying for all of these lawsuits,” he explained.

Then, the Kessler went on to call his parents “cucked,” even though they are letting him live with them.

Kessler’s father previously told reporters that while he supports his son because he is family, he does not stand with him politically.

“The family is dismayed across the board about this situation. We’ve never identified with racial politics,” he stated.

He added: “I consider myself a Christian person, and I think everyone is equal. I’ve always raised my sons that way, and anything that departs from that is something I have never done.”

Despite his parents' ongoing support in the midst of his legal troubles, Kessler doesn’t show any signs he is ever going to respect his folks, even if they are putting a roof over his head.

After Kessler returned to the livestream and divulged his hardship, Little showed Kessler his boat, bragging about its size. However, he told Kessler, he may have to sell it to “cover expenses."

Ever since last year’s first Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, it’s been commonplace to see participants and other white nationalist supporters being outed online, losing their jobs, and being forced to live in hiding because of their political and personal beliefs.

While, in general, there’s no shame in struggling to make ends meet, leaders of the white nationalist movement have no one to blame for being broke and drowning in debt but themselves.

Kessler may have never been sent to jail for his role in the Charlottesville rally that led to the death of Heather Heyer, but he is paying for trying to spread his hateful ideology in other ways. Karma is having its way with the alt-right, and the result is incredibly gratifying. 

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Lucas Jackson

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