United Gives ‘Hush Money’ To Woman Sitting Next To Masturbating Man

“United Airlines gave me $75 and told me I’m not allowed to know what happens to him unless I press charges against him,” she wrote on Twitter.



A 21-year-old woman is claiming that a man sitting next to her in a United Airline flight kept masturbating and the airline did not do much about it when she reported it. Instead, they paid her $75 as “hush money” and let the sex offender walk away.

In a series of tweets, Mikaela Dixon mentioned how a man sitting in the aisle seat performed the sexually offensive behavior for hours. Her boyfriend was in the window seat but he was asleep and the woman had to experience the horror while sitting in the middle.

“My bf was asleep in the window seat, I'm in the middle, and the man is in the aisle. I had no idea what to do, I couldn't get up bc [sic] I didn't want to go anywhere near him,” she tweeted.

Dixon explained how horrified she was and she naturally didn’t feel comfortable with the man sitting right next to her. So, once he got up and went to the bathroom, Dixon called the flight attendant, who then changed her seat.

When the disgusting man got back, he could make out what had happened so he started talking to other passengers, who ignored him.

According to Dixon, as soon as the plane that was on its way from Orange County to Chicago landed, the man bolted out. Another passenger tried blocking his way and the sex offender was detained, but Dixon doesn’t know if he was charged or will ever get charged.

Meanwhile, the airline reportedly paid $75 to her as “hush money” and compensation for the perverse man’s offense.

"United Airlines gave me $75 and told me I'm not allowed to know what happens to him unless I press charges against him. So I got my hush money and now I have to wonder forever whether this guy got away with it," she tweeted.

Later, she said the airline didn’t do anything and let the man go after asking him a few questions. Dixon was then left with no choice but to call the FBI herself and file a report against the vicious man.

This isn’t the first time United Airlines did nothing when it comes to sexual offenses. Earlier, a 16-year-old accused the airline of taking no action after she informed them of being groped by one of the passengers on the plane. When she reported the ordeal to a flight attendant, she was moved to a different seat some rows up, but no punitive actions were taken against the man.

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