United Forks Over $10,000 Voucher To Bumped Passenger

United Airlines gave a passenger a $10,000 voucher to give up her seat. The massive payout highlights the airline's desperate need to rectify its public image.

In a rare happy ending for a United Airlines incident, passenger Allison Preiss agreed to get off her flight when the airline offered her a $10,000 voucher. 

However, the prize didn’t come easy.

According to USA Today, an issue arose when a broken seat had to be taken out of service. This left one less seat open — meaning a passenger would have to be bumped.  

Preiss said that United first offered $1,000 in travel credit to any passenger willing to deboard the plane. When nobody took the bait, Preiss said they singled her out because she paid the lowest fare.

As the incident unfolded, Preiss took to her phone and fired off a Tweetstorm. 

At first, United offered Preiss a $2,000 voucher, but she pressed them to give her cash instead. Preiss said it seemed as though the gate agent was about to write her a check for $650.00 in cash when a second agent offered her the $10,000 voucher — plus a seat on the next plane. 

She accepted, then tweeted a photo of the voucher. 

Despite having to leave the plane, Preiss seemed content with what she got, telling ABC News, "Well, I can say it was the best flight delay ever.” 

United Airlines likely believes it has some reckoning to do with the public after a long list of high profile incidents. Handing out $10,000 in travel credit — enough to fly to Paris and back about nine times — may be a pretty good start. 


Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters, Frank Polich

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