Even Our Strongest Ally Slams Trump For His Awful Immigration Ban

U.K. MPs debated the idea of banning Donald Trump after his new executive orders ban Muslim immigrants from seven countries.

The British Parliament will hold a debate on Feb. 20 on whether to allow U.S. President Donald Trump into the United Kingdom for a state visit due to be hosted by Queen Elizabeth II.

The decision came after 1.6 million people signed a petition calling for the invitation to be canceled or downgraded.

MPs have just recently debated the idea of banning Trump after his new executive orders, which prohibit immigrants from seven Muslim countries entry into the United States, went into effect.

“What message does this sends to a quarter of the world’s population? What message does it send to Muslims all around the world? It sends a message, 'You’re not wanted in the United States because of your religious faith,'” exclaimed former Leader of the Opposition party Edward Miliband.

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson called the ban “highly controversial,” however he insisted that peace be kept between U.S. and U.K., who are allies.

He has also issued fresh travel guidance, insisting no British citizen will be affected by Trump’s ban, but there is growing pressure in the government over his close relationship with Trump.

To watch the reactions of the British parliamentarians, click the video above.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Peter Nicholls

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