Here's An Ingenious Chart To Solve Your Voting Dilemma

Indecisive about your vote? Do you find yourself swinging from one candidate to another? Your problem may be solved by this genius guy.

In one simple, scrawled upon chart, “moderately paranoid electronics designer” Christopher Lay solved a lot of people’s voting dilemma — who to vote for. 

It's not an exaggeration to say that the the 2016elections, more than ever, are nothing short of a predicament for voters. For many, the decision to vote is more like deciding between the devil and the deep blue sea than between a bunch of candidates.

The race has dwindled down to Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side and the likes of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich on the Republican side.

Each candidate has their own following but what a collection of contenders!

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No doubt it’s a tough task for many to decide who gets their vote.

But Lay has a simple, kick-ass solution for it:


Simple isn’t it?

But it’s hilarious as well and a pretty apt depiction of the 2016 elections so far. The main deciding factor between whether you’ll be going for a Democrat or Republican is decided by your opinion on a simple question: “Is shit broken?”

Having crossed that hurdle you can easily know who your ideal candidate is. If you believe Jesus "is coming back" by next week, Ted Cruz is your guy — if you have no idea, you belong in Trump’s camp. 

Similarly if you think women are human, then Hillary Clinton is your bet — if not, John Kasich.

Lay's "random doodle" clicked instantly with people and became a viral hit almost instantaneously — so much so that it may just have turned in to something quite lucrative for the designer.

He now has "Is shit broken" T-shirts for sale, the proceeds from which will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center “to support their work defending Americans' civil rights.”


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