U Of Chicago Is The Latest In The String Of Fraternity Controversies

The revelation of mocking emails at the University of Chicago circulating around campus is yet another example of shocking fraternity behavior.

University of Chicago’s fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi shared numerous misogynistic and racially offensive emails between its brothers, leaked emails reveal.

The leaked messages from Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity members include slurs against women, Muslims and African Americans, referring to Muslim students as “terrorists” and the black population of the university as “n*****s.” The emails also maligned and slurred Martin Luther King’s legacy.

The university officials condemned the emails as offensive to minorities and promised to look into messages, which have circulated since 2011. The evidence was provided by a fraternity member who called it a “toxic culture” and who wished to remain anonymous so as not to damage his future career prospects.

“As a Jewish fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi is especially sensitive to hate speech and behavior towards any minorities,” Jonathan Pierce, a former international president of the historical Jewish fraternity, said. “Especially during these troubling times of increased anti-Semitism on college campuses, we are very aware of the harm that negative speech towards minority groups can do. We will investigate and, if necessary, work to educate the individual members about this issue.”

In an email targeting the Muslim students, the post read, “In an effort to foster better relations between Jewish and Muslim students, I would like to offer you the chance to participate in this year’s event by debating two long-held fixtures of your culture! Please let me know if you plan to attend the C4-Dynamite Debates.” The email ends with a sarcastic “Peace be upon you.”

Another email from 2013, disparaged Martin Luther King Day and called fraternity members and alumni to “celebrate” the day with excessive drinking, watching movies exploiting blacks and eating fried chicken.

Chicago Leaked Emails

Other offensive emails have targeted Palestinians and even the women of the campus (they have devised a whole list of rules and regulations on how to "deal with girls," promoting a rape culture that's increasingly a problem at universities these days.

University of Chicago officials did not deny the allegations but have said that a lot of students involved in the derogatory comments are now alumni.

The revelation of these emails is the latest in the line of controversies that have shook fraternities. Previously students at Yale University staged a protest in response to a black girl’s complaint that she was turned away from Sigma Alpha Epsilon sorority party, which was deemed exclusively for white girls. Oklahoma University was sued for rightly closing the chapter Sigma Alpha Epsilon for racial abuse.

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