Frat Bros Wreck Pristine Campground After Wild Weekend Of Partying

A pack of spoiled University of Oregon students recently visited Lake Shasta in Northern California and left heaps of garbage on the formerly pristine shores.

A fraternity at University of Oregon has come under fire for trashing a popular campsite in Northern California after the photos of the mess they left behind went viral on the internet. The frat bros left  copious amounts of trash at the shores, including plastic furniture, clothes, coolers filled with alcohol and a pile of wet tents.

Interestingly, they also left quite a few items labeled with their fraternity letters and school logo, which then made it simple to identify the culprits.

As the local news channels report, members of Lambda Chi Alpha recently visited the Slaughter House Island at Lake Shasta in Northern California as part of a gathering of hundreds of students from universities and colleges across the region. Officials believe there were more than 1,000 students on the campground during the weekend.

Although the University of Oregon students are most likely not the only ones to trash the formerly pristine national forest land, they were the only ones stupid enough to leave behind garbage marked with their emblems.

The incident occurred over the weekend but only drew attention after the pictures of the trashed shores went viral.

“My personal guess is they have no respect for mankind, but, professionally, I don’t know,” said Boating Safety Unit Sgt. Rob Sandbloom. “Their attitude is we'll pick it up later. If you're at your mom's house, are you just going to throw a can down and pee on her couch and say you'll clean it up later? No, you wouldn't. And they say they wouldn't, so don't do it here.”

The damage was so bad that the university had to get involved and launch an investigation.

“The manner in which the Shasta-Trinity forest area was left is disgraceful,” the University of Oregon statement read. “Trips to this area have become an annual event for fraternities and sororities all along the West Coast. It is one the University of Oregon does not sponsor or condone in any way. The university is actively investigating the situation and will take action as appropriate. We are working with authorities to learn all we can and determine who is responsible.”

The fraternity also posted an apology on social media.

“On behalf of any of our members involved, we apologize to the entire fraternity and sorority life community at the UO and our university,” read Lambda Chi Alpha's Facebook post. “The actions in which these individuals participated do not reflect our fraternity’s values, nor do they reflect the values of our community here at the UO.”

Forest spokeswoman Phyllis Swanson said the rangers have collected more than 10 yards worth of garbage and hope to clean it all up before the Memorial Day.

 Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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