A Charlottesville Man Is In ICU After Being Assaulted By A Neo-Nazi

Tyler Magill, the man who chased white supremacist Jason Kessler away from a press conference, sustained severe injuries after a neo-Nazi attacked him.


The white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, claimed three lives.

Two police officers died in a helicopter crash while patrolling the area while 32-year-old paralegal Heather Heyer was killed when neo-Nazi James Alex Fields Jr. allegedly rammed his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, injuring at least 19 others.

However, there is another man who took a brave stand against bigotry and paid a hefty price but has, so far, gone unnoticed.  

University of Virginia employee Tyler Magill, the man who reportedly chased Unite the Right rally organizer Jason Kessler away from a press conference while yelling, “Her name was Heather,” is currently fighting for his life in ICU.

According to University of Virginia Professor Siva Vaidhyanathan, Magill sustained serious injuries after a rallygoer attacked him with a torch on Friday. He was apparently trying to defend the students when a torch-wielding neo-Nazi assaulted him.

Magill later suffered from a stroke, which his colleagues believe was a delayed result of the attack.


“Tyler Magill, vanquisher of Charlottesville Nazis, suffered a stroke on August 15,” reads the description on a GoFundMe page his friends have set up for his medical treatment and bills. In 10 hours, Magill’s colleagues were able to raise $41,478 of their $50,000 goal.

"Thank you for your sacrifice. The intelligent portion of the nation thanks you,” commented a donor named Mark Wall on the fundraising website.

Another donor, Edward Gaynor, wrote, “Gotdimmit Tyler. Don't think you're getting out of moving my 300 boxes out of the annex because of this.”

Magill works for the university’s library, according to the school’s website.

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