Saudi Arabia Bombs Yemen As US Mulls $1.15 Billion Arms Deal

The Saudi-led coalition is bombing schools and hospitals while the U.S. government is debating whether to arm it with more weapons.

Earlier this month, the United States approved a possible sale of $1.15 billion worth of battle tanks, machine guns and other military equipment to Saudi Arabia, replenishing the kingdom’s losses in Yemen.

If approved by Congress, the deal will provide the kingdom more than 130 Abrams battle tanks, 20 armored recovery vehicles, 153 machine guns, 266 7M240 machine guns, helicopters, smoke grenade launchers and other military assets to commit further atrocities in its neighboring country.

Although at first it looked like Congress wouldn't hinder the arms deal agreement, the recent Saudi-led coalition airstrikes in Yemen have forced some senators to considering blocking the deal.

“I will work with a bipartisan coalition to explore forcing a vote on blocking this sale,” said Republican Sen. Rand Paul, according to the Foreign Policy magazine. “Saudi Arabia is an unreliable ally with a poor human rights record. We should not rush to sell them advanced arms and promote an arms race in the Middle East.”

Saudi Arabia resumed the strategic air strikes in Yemen earlier this month. The kingdom recently bombed an MSF-run hospital, killing seven people and wounding 13, and later dropped bombs on a school, killing 10 children. More than 25 children were injured in the attack.

Not long before that, 14 civilians, most of them women, lost their lives during an air raid on a potato chip factory in the capital city of Sana’a.

Find out more about the ongoing human rights abuse in Yemen and the possible effects of the U.S.-Saudi weapons deal in the video above.

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