US Considers Exiting UN Human Rights Council Over 'Anti-Israel Bias'

Ignoring abuses perpetrated by both its allies, Saudi Arabia and Israel, ambassador Nikki Haley says the U.S. may exit the U.N. Human Rights Council.

The United States may be withdrawing from the United Nations body on human rights thanks to its blind and unwavering support for Israel.

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley stated that the "anti-Israel bias" found within the Human Rights Council (UNHRC) might be the reason why the U.S. may refrain from being part of the group.

“The United States is looking carefully at this Council and our participation in it,” Haley said during her first Geneva forum in address. “We see some areas for significant strengthening.”

Haley said she was shocked to have learned that the organization passed five resolutions against Israel but none against Venezuela, a country that has been suffering tremendously under President Nicolas Maduro.

She also criticized the organization for not passing strong resolutions regarding human rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Belarus, Ukraine, Eritrea, and Syria, adding that the UNHRC shouldn't just pass resolutions. Instead, the group should also “follow up” to make sure the pressure is making a difference in these countries.

Despite her strong tone against human rights abuse in a series of countries that do, indeed, need reprimanding, she failed to mention Israel's treatment of Palestinians, especially as we observe the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War, or the preemptive attack that secured the Palestinian territories under Israeli military occupation to this day.

Haley also failed to mention the human rights abuses perpetrated by Saudi Arabia, a member of the UNHRC since 2006, that was reelected last year after having carried out 157 executions in 2016 alone.

The Saudi kingdom was even in the news recently for sentencing a man to death for taking part in protests.

If Haley is serious about pressuring the UNHRC to act on its word and make good on its promise to ensure countries are not taking part in human rights abuse, she must first address the problems with countries that happen to be allies of the U.S. Pretending these abuses do not take place in certain countries while fiercely accusing others of ignoring abuses elsewhere will only make the U.S. look even weaker and more hypocritical to international leaders.

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