US Customs To Pay $475,000 To Woman Over Illegal Body Cavity Search

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection will give a woman $475,000 for pressuring her into a body cavity search for illegal drugs.

Being thoroughly searched by border control is uncomfortable enough as it is, but being forced to be further investigated after the search is even worse.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection is set to pay a New Mexico woman $475,000 after agents invasively did an illegal body cavity search on her, The Associated Press reported.

The unnamed 54-year-old is a U.S. citizen and was at an El Paso Port of Entry in 2012 when a detection dog jumped on her while trying uncover any drugs the woman had on her.

The body cavity search was not even necessary in the end, after no drugs were found on the innocent woman.

body cavity search

While the woman was found drug-free, she was still taken—as if she were a criminal—in handcuffs to a medical center where she had a CT scan, vaginal exams and an observed bowel movement.

The appalling and inappropriate body search was done illegally without a warrant, giving perverted border agents the ability to investigate this woman without permission.  

Even though the woman will be receiving a decent amount of money for this illegal act, there is no amount of money that can repay the humiliation the woman must have felt. 

Banner Image Credit: Wbaron, Wikimedia Commons

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