Of Course, Canada’s Immigration Website Just Crashed

Canada’s informational website on immigration and citizenship crashed with increasing chances of a Donald Trump win.

If you are a Hillary Clinton supporter and plan to move to Canada after Donald Trump’s win, then going to Canada will take some time. As news agencies call for more and more chances of Trump’s win, Canada’s informational website on immigration and citizenship crashed.  Apparently the website stopped working because of the huge amount of traffic on the page.

According to The Telegraph, searches for the word “emigrate” also increased in the United States.


Canada’s immigration website generally gives information on how to become a citizen for the country, but with Trump’s increased chances of winning, all that the anti-Trumpers could see when they logged on to the website was a page taking forever to load and alas, no access to it.











Looks like the only Plan B left for all anti-Trumpers is going to Jamaica.


Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS, Joshua Roberts

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