Did Bernie Sanders Just Tell Billionaires To F*&^% Off?

We bet Bernie Sanders wanted to just say those words so, so bad that fate stepped in and had someone else say it for him.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders calls himself a Democratic socialist and doesn’t really make an effort to hide his disdain for the rich and powerful.

“Now is the time to alter our government. Now is the time to stop the movement toward oligarchy. Now is the time to create a government which represents all Americans and not just the 1%... No more excuses. We must all become involved in the political process,” the Vermont senator posted on his Facebook page in 2014.

“What my campaign is about is a political revolution — millions of people standing up and saying enough is enough. Our government belongs to all of us, and not just the hand full of billionaires,” he told an Iowa rally in early 2016.

So, when one of his supporters shouted a profanity during a campaign event, Bernie being Bernie, made the most of it.

“Well, that is one way to phrase it,” the White House hopeful said after an attendee at his rally in Evansville, Indiana, yelled out that voters need to tell the billionaires to “f*ck off.”

"I myself am constrained,” Sanders added. "I can’t quite phrase it like that, but that’s not bad.

"But it’s something with eff off,” he nevertheless added, lest someone miss his meaning.

He’s a wily one all right.

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