After Trump Win, Muslim-American Women Are Now Afraid To Wear Hijab

American Muslims are scared for their safety, fearing they may become subject to hate crimes now that Trump has been elected.

While many celebrate Donald Trump's victory, an uncountable number of Americans, including several American Muslim women who wear hijab are now scared for their safety.

Last year Trump called for a ban on all Muslims. Hate crimes have doubled since then with a rise in Islamophobia. Acts of discrimination, harassment and violence are making it challenging for Muslims to go about their daily lives.

American Muslim women are scared of the possible outcomes they may have to encounter now that Trump has won.

Followers of Islam have posted various messages on social media about their fears.







Some even faced discrimination while they were out to vote.






The harassment started soon after Trump's victory in the presidential election.

Family members and friends are increasingly advising their loved ones to stay safe by not going out alone while wearing the hijab.






But many women are not ready to take off their veils at any cost.




Other U.S. citizens, not just Muslims, who still can’t accept Trump’s victory, are in solidarity with their Muslim friends.








Although things look bleak for the American Muslims, there was some positive news for them, when America elected its first Somali-Muslim lawmaker, who was a former refugee and had been subjected to hate crime and religious intolerance. But the rising Islamophobia did not stop her from pursuing her goals.

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