All The Presidential Hopefuls Have 1 Thing In Common: They Can't Dance

Their policies might be poles apart but when it comes to dancing, all of the presidential candidates – Democrats and Republicans – fail miserably.

This year’s presidential race has been fairly unpredictable, yet very entertaining.

From baking matzo to eating pizza with the ladies on “The View,” all candidates, both Republican and Democrat, took up different challenges to woo voters.

But the one thing that none of them can succeed in — despite trying so hard — is dancing.

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When it comes to busting a move, the White House hopefuls just can’t get it right.

For example, when Ellen DeGeneres invited Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders on her show in October, the Vermont senator awkwardly made his way to the stage, boogying to “Burn, Baby, Burn.”

In September, during a campaign event in Michigan, Republican hopeful John Kasich agreed to dance to Walk the Moon's "Shut Up and Dance." He appeared a little hesitant at first but once he started, he couldn’t stop.

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To watch more of your favorite presidential candidates trying their hand (and feet) at dancing, click play on the video above.

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