Trump Administration Again Slashes Number Of Refugees Entering US

Trump administration slashed the number of refugees allowed in the country to 30,000, which is 15,000 less than the current cap.



President Donald Trump, who was been pretty vocal about his anti-refugee rhetoric, slashed the number of immigrants last time to 45,000. This number was considered really low by global humanitarian groups.

However, despite the calls for increasing the limit, the administration slashed the number of refugees allowed in the United States even more.

The refugee limit for the fiscal year 2019 has been set to only 30,000 people.

Immigration has been a fiery issue in Trump's America. The president has showed zero concerns for the people who flee the misery and uncertainty of their own home countries to take refuge in America. And the drastic cuts in the number of immigrants allowed in the country make the chances for such families to live together, really slim.

America was once considered a great and booming nation because it historically welcomed those who were fleeing dangerous or underdeveloped countries, giving them opportunities to build their new life in this country.

However, with Trump’s presidency everything for the refugees has changed and not in a good way.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the30, 000 ceiling is the maximum the U.S. will admit during the fiscal year that starts from Oct. 1. This means that the actual number of those allowed in the country could be lower.

During Obama’s administration, America welcomed 85,000 in his final year.

The decision of reducing the number of refugees in the country for 2019 met with immediate criticism. “Reducing the refugee number to another all-time low signals to the world that we are abdicating our moral leadership, which undermines our foreign policy and national security interests,” said Kevin Appleby, senior director of international migration policy at the Center for Migration Studies.

“Congress should exercise its oversight responsibility and push back hard on this low number through every tool at its disposal.”

“There are a host of agencies and communities ready to welcome refugees fleeing war, ethnic cleansing, and famine,” Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. (D-N.J.) said in a statement. “By setting next year’s refugee cap at another historic low, the Trump administration continues to show contempt for those most in need. It is unconscionable they would justify a lower cap by pitting refugees against asylum seekers.”

Pompeo did not answer the questions asked by reporters after announcing a brief statement in the State Department’s Treaty Room about the administration’s new decision.

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