US-Supported Coalition Bombs Yemen Clinic For Cholera Patients

The Doctors Without Borders clinic in Abs, Yemen, was set to open soon, and would have treated patients dealing with cholera. Nobody was harmed in the bombings.

A military coalition backed by the U.S. government bombed a Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) facility in Abs, Yemen, this week, completely destroying a clinic that would have been dedicated to fighting an impending cholera epidemic in the region.

The bombing was conducted by the Saudi and Emirati-led coalition (SELC), which has received support from the U.S. during its offensive raids into the borders of its southern neighbor.

This week’s bombing is troubling for many reasons. Although there was no one in the newly-constructed clinic, the building was clearly labeled as a medical facility, and MSF had provided SELC with the coordinates of the clinic well before the bombing took place.

“With only half of health facilities in Yemen fully functional, nearly 10 million people in acute need, and an anticipated outbreak of cholera, the CTC (Cholera Treatment Center) had been built to save lives,” MSF head of mission in Yemen João Martins said in a statement denouncing the bombing. “MSF has temporarily frozen its activities in Abs until the safety of its staff and patients is guaranteed.”

The U.S. media has been largely silent of America’s role in Yemen. The U.S. has given intelligence as well as equipment, including selling SELC planes and bombs for their missions. Some lawmakers have taken note of this dubious relationship, which has led to a humanitarian crisis in the country, including Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut) who condemned the bombing yesterday.

The attack on the MSF facility was unnecessary, cruel, and heartless. Those who have been suffering in Yemen are only set to fare much worse because of SELC’s bombings earlier this week — an attack that was aided, in large part, by the U.S. government.

The American people need to be made aware of what our military is supporting, and how our ignorance is allowing many people in Yemen to suffer through a terrifying, years-long ordeal. If more Americans knew that our government helped facilitate the bombing of a peaceful medical facility, for example, support for our activities in that part of the world could be pushed to end.


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