Soccer Player Viciously Lands A Brutal Kick To Opponent On Field

As he was ejected from the field, Romeo Parkes, the Pittsburgh Riverhounds striker launched a vicious kick at a rival player.

A former Jamaican international football player lost his cool, and his job, when he attacked another team’s player on the field.

Pittsburgh Riverhounds forward Romeo Parkes' contract was terminated by the United Soccer League for viciously kicking New York Red Bulls II’s Karl Ouimette in the back during a game on Saturday.

The two players were ejected from the field following a tussle during the match.

As the two men were walking off the field, Parkes quickly snuck up behind Ouimette and delivered a powerful kick to his posterior. Ouimette crashed to the football field with the force of the kick and as the other players grabbed Parkes to subdue him, the Red Bulls player was taken off the field in a stretcher.


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Parkes apologized for the assault on Twitter on the same night.




However, the next morning, his contract with the Riverhounds was terminated and he was suspended by the USL indefinitely.


Twitter was just as unforgiving.







A statement by the league concerning Parkes' behavior was also released on Sunday.


“[Parkes has] been the shining light of this season, to be fair to him. … He sits next to me in the locker room, and he’s the nicest guy you’ll meet,” said Riverhounds captain Kevin Kerr. “So obviously, I didn’t see what happened, but I think it was out of character.”

Head coach Mark Steffens reported the incident as “unfortunate” and said:  “The discipline being handed out is one that we, as a staff, consider to be fair and completely justified. The actions were not representative of what this team stands for as a whole.”

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