Utah High School Apologizes For Yearbook Describing Rivals As ‘Ghetto’

A yearbook using derogatory and negative comments to describe a neighboring school has forced officials (and students) to apologize for the disturbing page.

What appears to be a fierce competition between two neighboring high schools has turned one yearbook into a pool of derogatory comments. Now, the school says it’s “truly sorry” about the offensive content.

Maple Mountain High School in Utah printed a yearbook with an entire spread filled with negative comments about its rival, Springville High School.

The spread titled “Describe Springville” shows a word cloud with several negative words. They include the offensive terms “ghetto” and “trash,” as well as “stupid,” “lame,” “greedy,” “repulsive,” “satanic,” and “basic.”

Following the incident, the Nebo School District took to social media on Friday to make amends.

“We never condone negative behavior of any kind,” the district’s Twitter account said.

District officials also claimed they were investigating the issue.

On Saturday, the school’s administration apologized for the incident, saying that the words used in the yearbook do not reflect the students’ true feelings about their neighbor.

The school’s letter was posted on the Nebo School District’s Facebook page.

“We acknowledge and accept responsibility for our mistake. We are taking action to resolve the situation and to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen in the future,” the school said.

Everett Kelepolo, Springville High School’s principal, said he was grateful for the two schools’ relationship and that the spread was nothing but an “unfortunate mistake.”

By Saturday night, Emma Huntington, a sophomore at Maple Mountain and a member of the yearbook staff, told reporters she was sorry for the hateful message in the print.

“When I first saw the logo I was stunned, hurt, and angry,” she wrote. “I know your school and you are the complete opposite of the words on the logo. You are strong, kind, loving, helpful, fun, responsible, and so much more and I am honored to know you.”

“I know we are all hurt, but the ugly feelings expressed by the few at fault should not be our example,” she added.

She told reporters that she hopes this horrible mistake will teach students in both schools a lesson. She said she also hopes that both institutions will move forward after all this.

“We have a great reputation in this area of love, respect, and greatness. I hope this one mistake will not erase this," she said.

Later, the Nebo School District also shared a video depicting Maple Mountain students saying what they really feel about Springville.

We’re glad that those involved have apologized and that the administrations of both schools are working together to make things right.

Hopefully, this will serve as a lesson to students in other schools across the country.

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