GOP Lawmaker Allegedly Used Taxpayer Money For Trysts With Call Girl

A former Utah Republican stands accused of using taxpayer money to pay for sexual encounters at a hotel with a call girl at the Fairfield Inn in Salt Lake City.

Former GOP Rep. Jon Stanard, who once voted for tougher penalties for prostitution, has been accused of using taxpayer money to fund his hotel rendezvous with a call girl, according to the New York Post.

The Utah lawmaker has since resigned amid the allegations, which are pretty tough to deny. A Daily Mail report quoted the online escort, Brie Taylor, who said that Stanard paid her $250 for sex on two occasions in June and August 2017 at the Fairfield Inn in Salt Lake City.

Taylor claimed Stanard requested that she bring a "corset," "accessories," or "toys" for their trysts during which she performed sexual acts, like oral sex and sexual intercourse with him. She still has screenshots of messages dating back to their first conversation, but Stanard, a husband and father of three, no longer has those messages on his phone because they've been electronically wiped out.

“Looking at your website. Can you meet,” he allegedly wrote in a text message, according to the Daily Mail.

He added in another text: “Would need to be tonight. Only in town a little. Anytime. Can do in or out. At hotel in downtown SL.”

Stanard remains unwavering on his stance of marriage, despite what he told the call girl.

“He said he never does this sort of stuff in St. George because it is really culturally strict down there,” Taylor said.

On his website, Stanard says: “I am a strong advocate for conservative family values. I am pro-life, as well as for traditional marriage.”

It's unclear whether the House can find out if Stanard used a state-issued phone to make the exchanges. However, there is still some digging left to be done to determine if the reimbursement issued to Stanard for the hotel stays occurred while he was attending legislative meetings at the state capital, according to House chief of staff Greg Hartley.

"It looks like they were legislative days," GOP House Speaker Greg Hughes said.

Stanard has got some nerve voting in favor of stricter laws on prostitution and agreeing to increase the penalty for soliciting sex to $2,500. Hopefully, that applies to him as well. The lawmakers of this country are no angels, but they like to walk around like they have such high morals when they're as uncouth as they come.

Stanard claimed to have resigned over his father's ailing health.

He's still no different from pro-life Republican congressman Tim Murphy, who insisted that his mistress get an abortion. He resigned, too, after he admitted to having an affair with Shannon Edwards, a forensic psychologist, who he told to abort their unborn child after a pregnancy scare.

There are a lot of people in power who abuse it, like President Donald Trump. It's no surprise that his administration is currently under intense scrutiny by FBI special counsel Robert Mueller.


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