Vandals Deface Black Sheriff Candidate’s Campaign Sign With ‘KKK’

A black Kansas law enforcement official running for sheriff was shocked to find one of his campaign signs vandalized with letters representing the Ku Klux Klan.

Racism isn’t just plaguing the presidential election — it’s rearing its ugly head throughout all of society.

LeRoy McConico is running as a Democratic candidate for sheriff in Linn County, Kansas, according to The Root. However, he has come to find that his campaign signs are being vandalized with racist markings.

Earlier this week, McConico found one of his signs defaced with “KKK” scrawled in white spray paint across his photo.

“There’s some people that just got some dark hearts,” McConico reportedly said. “They saw an opportunity to do something in the dark.”

McConico has been working in law enforcement for more than 30 years and is running against the current Republican county sheriff Paul Villa.

He said that seeing the vandalism came as a surprise since he'd never come across something so blatantly racist in his community. While Linn County is home to more than 9,000 people, census data indicates that less than 1 percent of the population is black, The Root reports.

A report has been filed with the sheriff’s office and even the Kansas City FBI office has been made aware of the race-driven incident.

McConico and his family have expressed shock and dismay that the current political climate would cause tensions in the region they’ve happily resided in for more than a decade.

“The county certainly is not like that,” McConico said in defense of his community. “This is a very good county, a good place to live in. The people are very, just awesome, awesome people. My family, we have enjoyed living here. We’re not going to let nothing like that deter what we believe and how we feel.”

It is highly plausible that the racist sentiments displayed on McConico’s sign are not new; however, they were likely previously hidden due to the social taboo of being openly racist.

Now, with Donald Trump, his campaign staff, and his supporters normalizing racism and xenophobia while spewing divisive rhetoric, the bigots of America have begun to feel more comfortable showing their true colors. 

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