Video Shows Vandals Destroying Iconic Oregon Rock Formation

After their friend broke his leg at the iconic rock, the group of vandals thought they were doing others a favor by destroying the landmark for good.


A video of a group of vandals destroying an iconic rock formation in Oregon has gone viral on social media, drawing the ire of many people. 

According to a man named David Kalas, who recorded the footage and was present at the scene, the vandals called the popular tourist attraction a “safety hazard” because their friend broke his leg there.

Although the Duckbill Rock, also know as Thor’s Fist, at Cape Kiwanda was roped off to visitors, the unruly group managed to get in and knock down the icon. Many people did not even believe humans could have caused the destruction, until they saw the footage.

Speaking to KATU News, Kalas revealed he was only helping a friend film parts of the coast with his drone when he noticed a group of people trying to shake the Duckbill.

“I noticed that it started wobbling, and then I started to record it as two of the guys managed to knock it down,” he said.

Soon, the landmark toppled over and the group, unashamed of their behavior, climbed on the remains and took some picture to mark their “victory.”

People are hoping that someone will be able to identify the mischievous group and that authorities will take some action once they are tracked down.

One person’s comment on the video perfectly sums up people’s sentiments regarding the incident.

“As a person who lives in and grew up in Pacific City. This is blatantly vandalism. Those of us who live here consider the beach our backyard. To have people come here and destroy a piece of it is disgusting. How would anyone feel if someone came into your neighborhood and destroy a piece of it. I hope they can identify and prosecute these individuals!!” the Facebook user wrote.

Check out the video above. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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