Racist Email Demanding 'White Pride' Sent To Vanderbilt Students

A racist email calling for “White Pride at Vanderbilt and worldwide!” was sent to black faculty, staff, and students at the school, sparking outrage.

A racist email was sent to black faculty members and students at Vanderbilt University on Monday. The post was laced with profanity and racial epithets preaching white supremacy.

Vanderbilt University’s chapter of the NAACP posted the vile email on Twitter Tuesday morning. The racist email commanded users to "F*** ALL N******" and called for "white pride" at the institution and globally. The note prompted a statement from the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Susan R. Wente.

"The language and sentiment contained in this message are abhorrent and antithetical to our values as a university community. We condemn this message and the tactics of sowing distrust, division and hatred that it employs. Equity, diversity and inclusion are bedrock values of the Vanderbilt community,” Wente said.

Wente said that the school’s IT department has been working to identify the email’s origin to locate those responsible for the disturbing message. 

The university apologized for the disgusting rhetoric and said that the email was the result of an external attack masquerading as an official school email. Wente added that all school resources would be available to the community and advised recipients of the email to delete the email without replying to it.

Vanderbilt student Brianna Mayo said that the school’s apology and tweets are not enough, adding that although the white pride email did not originate at Vanderbilt, it was indicative of the racist culture in and around the school.

“We all hope the administration takes action accordingly, but I’m worried they’ll just continue to attribute it to a random virus,” said Mayo.

She added that it was impossible for anyone other than white males to concentrate on their education when they are constantly worried about racism.

If the school is truly committed to the fight against racism, one would think that it might be a good idea for them to prohibit racist folks and white supremacists like Milo Yiannopoulos from being guest speakers at Vanderbilt in the future.

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