Vanity Fair Clapped Back At Donald Trump In The Best Way

"Has anyone looked at the really poor numbers of @VanityFair Magazine. Way down, big trouble, dead!" Trump tweeted following a poor review of his restaurant.

It's only Jan. 5, but Vanity Fair just won 2017 after publishing a cover featuring President-elect Donald Trump's denigrating tweet from December targeting the magazine.

Vanity Fair's special correspondent Nick Bilton posted a tweet of the cover, and it's epic.

Much of Twitter rallied behind Vanity Fair, applauding the publication for its chutzpah.

As a reminder, here's what Trump tweeted on Dec. 15. 

The disparaging remark was a result of a scathing Vanity Fair review of Trump's steakhouse, Trump Grill, The Week reports, although the rivalry dates back several years.

At one point, Vanity Fair was calling itself "the magazine Trump doesn't want you to read," urging readers to subscribe.

The tweet specifically calls out Vanity Fair editor and known Trump enemy Graydon Carter. Interestingly, Trump is set to meet with Carter on Friday at a Conde Nast leadership gathering, the New York Post reports

The rivalry between the two dates back decades. In the late 1980s, Carter called Trump a "short-fingered vulgarian."

Safe to say this meeting will be interesting.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr, Gage Skidmore

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