Vatican Quickly Removes Pope's Remarks About Therapy For Gay Children

The Vatican is scrambling to avoid further controversy after Pope Francis gave a rather offensive advice to the parents of gay children.

As clergy sexual abuse claims continue to plague the Catholic Church, yet another controversy has erupted involving Pope Francis.

The pope was on his way back to Rome from Ireland when journalists asked him what he would say to parents who believe their children have homosexual tendencies.

In his response, while the pontiff said parents should not condemn gay children, he seemed to suggest homosexuality was some kind of a mental illness that requires therapy.

"There have always been gay people and people with homosexual tendencies," the pope started.

"When it shows itself from childhood, there is a lot that can be done through psychiatry, to see how things are. It is something else if it shows itself after 20 years," he said.

The pope did not elaborate what he meant by "a lot," and "psychiatry." However, for many, the statement came across as a suggestion of gay conversion therapy.




And it seems the Vatican also realized that as its official website did not publish the part about "psychiatry."

The news came around the same time a Vatican ambassador to the U.S. accused Pope Francis of covering up sexual misconduct by a prominent cardinal and called on him to resign.

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