Shocking Photos Show Starving Animals In Venezuelan Zoo

“They were locked up like pets and malnourished. They recovered but with the crisis it seems like they have gotten worse,” said the zoo workers.


Heart-wrenching pictures of hunger-stricken animals in the Zulia animal park in San Francisco, Venezuela, shows the depleting condition of food in the country is not just affecting humans — animals too are the victims of this dire food crisis, which is a result of the nation’s economic downfall.

In the zoo, many animals are underfed and malnourished.

Two pumas zoo have gotten so skinny their bones show.

“They were locked up like pets and malnourished. They recovered but with the crisis it seems like they have gotten worse, it looks like they have shrunk,” said the zoo workers.

Several wild beasts, including Bengal tigers, jaguars and many species of South American birds, are all suffering from lack of food and have become really weak.

As per Venezuelan animal rights leaders, animals such as ducks, pigs and goats have been sacrificed to feed these starved animals.


“The Bengal tiger was one of the biggest, and the lion was slender because of his old age, but has also lost weight,” said zoo workers.

A zoo worker explained that Feline animals should eat between 8% and 10% of their weight every day. However, because of the severe food shortage in the country, the animals only got to eat between those percentages just once a week.


A male and female couple of Andean condors were bought in the zoo to protect them from extinction, but now their survival is a big question. They are living in the zoo with inadequate food for the past several weeks. Meanwhile, a pair of crested caracaras and owls killed and ate the other birds of prey in their cage because they were ravenous and hadn’t been fed for a long time.


After these depressing images came to the forefront, the mayor of San Francisco, Dirwings Arrieta, announced the decision to reconstruct the zoo. She said in a press release the authorities have started fixing the water system and increased the wages of the workers. She did not make any reference to the malnourished animals.

Venezuelan animal right activists have also been reporting to the government about the condition of the country’s starved animals. However, Dr. Carlos Silva, who has worked with zoo’s for 13 years, is not very positive.

“What I saw in Zulia could only be understood in countries where there is armed warfare,” he said. “And it’s all over political issues that the animals know nothing about.”

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Carlos Jasso

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