Fight Over Food In Venezuela Gets Deadly

People are looting stores, scavenging piles of trash and now paying with their lives while trying to get their hands on basic food supplies.

An unidentified man was shot and killed and 27 other people were injured after unrest broke in the eastern Caribbean coastal town of Cumana, Venezuela.

Although the circumstances of his death have not been confirmed, news reports suggest the shooting occurred during another bout of riots over food shortages, bringing the death toll to four over the past month.

For months Venezuelans have been standing in long queues for the most basic necessities such as flour and rice. Food shortages have become so severe, people have started ransacking supermarkets.

But the deaths ensuing in the wake of the crisis suggest the situation is turning deadly.

Four people have reportedly died during riots and lootings in the past month.

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Venezuelan residents

Social media has been inundated with videos and photos showing Venezuelan residents in different cities falling down and hurting each other to get their hands on food supplies. Those who manage to purchase anything have to be escorted and protected by the police.



Some residents were even spotted scavenging piles of garbage to stave off hunger.

Naturally, lootings of stores have increased in the face of such dire circumstances. Just this week, the Venezuelan military detained more than 400 people after street violence and pillaging.

And it’s only expected to go from bad to worse. The South American country’s economy is expected to contract by 8% this year after it shrunk by 5.8% last year.

Meanwhile, the political blame game has continued. Venezuela's political opposition blames President Nicolas Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chavez for their ineffective socialist economic policies.

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The opposition demanded a recall referendum this year to remove the leader from office, a call Maduro promptly ruled out.

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