Venice’s Floods Don’t Bother Tourists

This week’s flooding in Venice has shown that the Italian city has high water levels, but locals and tourists in town still continue to live their lives despite the water issue.

Water fanatics can now travel to Venice during their current season of high water levels.

The beautiful city of Venice is surrounded immensely by water which has recently caused floods not only in the canals, but throughout the city, according to Metro.

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The locals in Venice do not seem to be phased by the constant overflow of water, pouring into their city as they have been seen sitting on chairs and minding their own business.

Not only are the locals fine with the change in water levels, but tourists visiting seem to not worry about it either.

Dwight Matusko, a Facebook user, recently visited Venice and posted pictures on his personal page of the current high tides in the Italian city.

italy, venice

“While eating we heard alarm bells ringing throughout city, an indication of a high tide event,” Matusko said on Facebook. “Venice is truly beautiful especially from a vaporetta (water bus).”

"Acqua alta" is the Italian term for the high water levels.

“It can occur up to 60 times per year and is a result of global warming,” according to Metro.

The Experimental Electromechanic Module, also known as the MOSE project in Venice, is a project in progress being done to “prevent incoming quantities of sea water at the inlets,” according to Trip Advisor

In the end, life is what you make of it and if you believe that massive amounts of water encompassing Venice won’t bother you, than maybe Venice is your dream vacation spot. 

Banner Image Credit: Betsy Powers, Facebook user

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