Trump Accuses US Soldiers Of 'Stealing Millions' - Angry Vet Responds

An enraged veteran took to Twitter after Trump made claims that vets stole millions of dollars.

During a campaign rally in Greensboro, North Carolina, on June 13, Donald Trump made statements about war veterans that have understandably led to backlash from one vet in particular.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee claimed that U.S. soldiers in Iraq have been stealing millions of dollars.

“Iraq, crooked as hell. How about bringing baskets of money — millions and millions of dollars  and handing it out? I want to know who were the soldiers that had that job, because I think they're living very well right now, whoever they may be,” he said.

Corbin Reiff, who served in Iraq, took to Twitter to call out the presidential hopeful.
























In response to the backlash, Trump’s campaign communications director, Hope Hicks, said that the business mogul wasn’t referring to U.S. soldiers in his speech but to Iraqi soldiers.

However, Reiff did not seem convinced by the answer.

This is not the first time Trump has landed himself in a sticky situation with veterans.

In May, The Donald made claims that he donated $1 million towards veterans from his own pocket while he raised $5 million from a fundraiser for them. But interestingly, upon further research, the media was unable to confirm any donations from the candidate, and then Trump himself appeared confused about the amount he had actually raised.

Veterans in return were protesting their mistreatment, as their charities stated that Trump has actually not handed out any donations. Only after the press inquiries did some charities start receiving the promised funds.

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