Trump University Allegedly Scammed This Veteran Out Of $26,000

A veteran who enrolled in Trump University to learn about real estate talked to CNN about how he was scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars.

The fraudulent nature of Donald Trump’s scam of a university, Trump University, has not been discussed as often as it should; although Trump was forced to address the issue during a GOP debate, the topic has since faded from the spotlight in lieu of Trump’s other scandals.

This is despite the fact that Trump is facing a lawsuit over the university and a judge ordered the release of internal Trump University documents over the weekend.

Now, one of the veterans who was scammed by Trump University has opened up about his experience. CNN spoke with Felicisimo Limon, a Navy veteran who retired 40 years ago, and Limon detailed what he received out of his “education” and Trump University.

The university classes, which were allegedly intended to instruct students about real estate, held little information and reportedly asked students to pay even more than the hefty sum they had already handed over.

Limon said he was shocked by this: “What the heck are you talking about, more money and I’m not learning anything?”

Limon stated that one of the few things they did learn was which unethical loopholes to take advantage of, such as “paying off the unpaid tax benefits of elderly people, keeping them in their homes until they die, but then taking ownership of the property.”

To Limon, this felt reprehensible, and he soon left Trump University.

It’s no surprise in the least that a university operating under Donald Trump would scam its students out of tens of thousands of dollars, but the fact that he is so unapologetic and nonchalant about the endeavor remains baffling, particularly when he has taken thousands from veterans whom he claims to support.

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