Vet Rips Donald Trump Amidst Row Over Charity Pledge

Amidst Trump’s claims of raising almost $6 million for veterans, vets are now calling him out for his hate rhetoric and double standards.

Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump has been defending claims that he raised around $6 million for veterans, including $1 million which was his person contribution.

 “I have raised a tremendous amount of money for the vets, almost $6 million,” he said at a news conference Tuesday. “All of the money has been paid out. … I have been thanked by so many veterans groups throughout the United States.”

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He also listed out a number of charities along with the amount he has donated.. Unfortunately, journalists have been unable to trace down the entire amount Trump has supposedly contributed for the vets.

Now, the veterans are speaking up against him, claiming that all the business mogul really cares about is himself.

Army Veteran Perry O'Brien speaking at an interview in New York said Donald Trump has been using veterans groups as "political props" and also highlighted that whatever Trump is doing is actually making America less safe, rather than making the country great again.

“When I served in Afghanistan, I served with women, I served with Muslims, and I served with Latinos, all groups that Donald Trump has maligned and even threatened,” he said.

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What did Trump have to say about the situation?  “Find out how much Hillary Clinton’s given to the veterans,” Trump said. “Nothing.”

Check out the video above.

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