Melania’s Dad’s Name Discovered In Yugoslavia’s Secret Police Files

At a time when the Trump administration is strong on the zero tolerance policy, Viktor Knavs was made a US citizen despite his police record.


Melania Trump’s parents became naturalized American citizens just recently.

This move shows how hypocritical the Trump administration really is. At a time when Team Trump is active with the draconian zero tolerance policy which deems any illegal immigrant regardless of criminal background worthy of deportation, the first lady’s parents got permanent residence in the country.

Viktor and Amalija Knavs, 73 and 71, obtained permanent residence through “chain migration,” a process Trump has vocally opposed in the past.


When the POTUS adamantly opposed allowing U.S. citizens born abroad to bring their relatives legally, why didn’t he have a problem with his wife doing the same?

What is even more alarming is the fact that Melania’s father Viktor Knavs’ name appeared on “UDBA Net” - an online database of the secret police archives of Communist Yugoslavia before the country came apart in the 1990s.

Slovenia won its independence in the 90’s.

UDBA’s database had several identities of people who were on Yugoslavia’ secret police files and Knavs was one of them. He was reportedly “registered in the criminal record” and cited articles 226 and 235 of the Yugoslav penal code.

According to a copy of the 1970 code, which was being followed at the time, article 226 involved the acquisition, sale or production of goods without attaining clear permission of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. If someone was caught organizing such commerce, the penalties ranged up to eight years in prison.

Article 235 concerns tax evasion. A person caught evading tax would get a maximum penalty was of 10 years in jail, depending on the amounts of money involved.

However, the seriousness of these allegations remain unclear because of lack of other specific information and because these accusations were lodged over 40 years ago in a repressive police state.

An immigration attorney who formerly headed the American Immigration Lawyers Association, David Leopold, said if a tax fraud conviction exists against Knavs, he shouldn’t have been given a green card.

According to the lawyer, this could serve as a potential ground to revoke Melania’s father’s citizenship.

On the other hand, Knavs lawyers in Slovenia said that he was never convicted, charged or investigated for tax evasion despite the secret police record. They acknowledged that once he was investigated for smuggling.

People slammed Trump for being such a hypocrite on social media.








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