Video Of Cop Slamming Drunk Man’s Head To The Ground Sparks Outrage

“I think he hit his head pretty hard,” a voice off camera can be heard saying as the suspect's body went limp following the slam. “I think he might be out.”

A cringe-worthy video of a cop slamming an intoxicated man’s head onto the pavement during an arrest has surfaced on social media.

The video has sparked mass outrage as it depicts a textbook example of excessive force used by law enforcement, which has been an ongoing issue throughout the nation.

The clip shows a man being arrested for public intoxication; however, the man was not resisting the officer as he took away his beer and began placing him in handcuffs. Even though the inebriated man was clearly no threat, the officer still felt the need to body slam him down, thrashing his head to the ground.

After the slam, the drunken man lied face down as the officer continued locking the handcuffs around his wrists. His body seemed to be limp, which prompted someone in the background — presumably a fellow officer — to announce that he was going to call emergency medical services.

“I think he hit his head pretty hard,” a voice off camera can be heard saying. “I think he might be out.”

The man is being represented by Weston Robertson Law, which specializes in police brutality cases. The firm initially shared the disturbing video with the public on Facebook.

While there were some people who sided with the officer in the comments, most responses were from people who were disgusted and outraged by the cop's violent actions. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Flickr, Keith Allison 

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