Video Shows North Carolina Officer Slamming Student To The Ground

The video, which went viral on Twitter, has raised concerns about the use of force by police against students.

The purpose of police in any country is to protect and serve the civilians but this North Carolina cop did exactly the opposite.

A video, captured by an eye witness emerged on Twitter, which shows a police officer in Rolesville, North Carolina, lifting a teenage girl into the air before slamming her to the floor.


Jasmine Darwin, 15, a student of Rolesville High School, was lifted in the air and brutally slammed to the ground by a police officer during a dramatic fight between two girls that created a chaotic scene.

The officer then picked up the limp student, grabbed her arms and took her away.

School officials said that they were investigating the incident. However, Rolesville Mayor Frank Eagles identified the police officer as Ruben De Los Santos and told he was placed on administrative leave. The mayor further said that the officer was appointed to the school since it opened in 2013.

“We will work diligently to review any and all pertinent information so that we provide an accurate account of the events. We ask the community and all members involved to be patient while we investigate this matter,” said Rolesvillle’s Chief of Police Bobby Langston.

The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina also said it was investigating the incident.


“This use of force is very disturbing and is never justified, especially in schools where kids are supposed to go learn and be safe and to concentrate on their school work,” said staff Irena Como. She further added that the ACLU would consider filing a lawsuit.

Dhedra Lassiter, the school’s principal, also condemned the incident.

Soon after the video went viral, Twitter users showed support for the teenage girl:




Desiree Harrison, the mother of the teenager, said her daughter now has a concussion and she plans to take her out of the school.

This incident has raised fresh concerns about the use of excessive force by the police against minors.

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